Adapter Plate for RCS Clamping Element

Because of the height difference of different rail guide blocks and to ensure the proper function of the RCS Clamping Elements, the use of adapter plates is sometimes needed. See "Clamping Elements and Accessories" for individual block types and whether an adapter plate is needed.

Dimensions in mm.
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Designation Select all CAD Compare Get quote Lead Time * Compatible with Remark
Get quote 1 RCS15 Use Distance Plate RCP15-4 for SBI15SL
Get quote 1 RCS20 Use Distance Plate RCP20-2 for SBI20FL, SBI20SL, SBI20FLL, SBI20SLL
Get quote 1 RCS25 Use Distance Plate RCP25-4 for SBI25SL, SBI25SLL
Get quote 1 RCS30 Use Distance Plate RCP30-3 for SBI30SL, SBI30SLL
Get quote 1 RCS35 Use Distance Plate RCP35-7 for SBI35SL, SBI35SLL

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Designation Select all CAD Compare Get quote H L P1 P2 P3 W
Get quote 4 25 17 17 4.5 47
Get quote 2 24 15 15 5.5 60
Get quote 4 30 20 20 6.5 70
Get quote 3 39 22 22 6.5 90
Get quote 7 39 24 24 8.5 100