Metal-Plastic Cap

The top of the cap is made of stainless steel and prevents dirt or scrap from piling up in the bolt hole, which may affect the end seal function.

The lower part of the cap is made of plastic and can be installed directly on the standard rail. There is no need to conduct other fine slot milling for bolt-hole.

The bolt-hole chamfer for standard rail is C0.2 mm. A non-bolt-hole chamfer rail is available on request for absolutely dust-proof applications. Please contact us for more information.

The cap is designed with supporting block to prop up the cap, fix the screw stably and prevent it from sinking.

Dimensions in mm.
Designation Screw Type Compatible with
M4 AR15 , WRC21/15
M5 AR20
M6 AR25
M8 AR30 , AR35
M12 AR45
M14 AR55
Designation C D H
1,70 7,70 3,60
4,00 9,70 3,40
3,50 11,30 2,90
4,50 14,30 3,90
5,60 20,40 5,00
6,50 24,40 6,00